How to create a Splash screen for ionic apps ?

Splash screen is Like the MOVIE TITLE Or Your Brand Name which comes when your app is opened by users ,

Creating a Splash screen is very simple.

I will explain the steps from creating a simple ionic app and set splash screen for it.

1. Open your GitBash
2. Navigate to your needed directory using command “cd d:/ionic/”
3. Create a Sample app by using command “ionic start Appname tabs”
4. Now you have your sample app in your hand, your can check the app by using this following command
Before that navigate to the new app folder
Cd d:/ionic/Appname

Then Run the App to check the created app in browser

Syntax :
ionic server –lab

After checking the app in the browser close the app by enter “q” in the Gitbash.
5. Now For setting the splash screen use the command below

Before that you need to add Android or IOS platforms using the command below,

ionic platform add android (or) ionic platform add ios

Next use the below command

ionic resources

6. Now go to your project folder “platform/android/res”

7. Replace icon.png and splash.png image with your Logo and icon use same resolution images as per the old images

8. Now use the following command below,

ionic resources

ionic resources – -splash

ionic resources – -icon
9. Now you are ready to see your splash screen you need to take the android or ios build to check the app in your device for seeing the splash screen

10. Use the below command

ionic build android

11. Now take your apk and install in your device


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