Ajax in WordPress

Hi PHP Developers ,

We know how to use jQuery Ajax in php , And using the same in WordPress has some little changes as WordPress has a Build in Ajax function using that only Ajax will work in WordPress.

WordPress Built in Ajax is


So you need to include this files in your theme to make use to Ajax

And in the my_voter_script.js i can write any ajax functions and pass data to our frontend pages as needed,

jQuery(document).ready( function() {
var pid = val;
type : “post”,
url: “/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php”,
data : {action: “my_user_vote”, post_id : pid},
success: function(result) {

Here in WordPress Ajax you find something like “action” inside data which is nothing but the data manipulation function , in normal php we call some php files and we do some data manipulation inside it and echo some results , like wise here it can be done through a function and from there you can pass the data

Use the below function in functions.php , As it is our building block for all functions

add_action(“wp_ajax_my_user_vote”, “my_user_vote”);
add_action(“wp_ajax_nopriv_my_user_vote”, “my_user_vote”);

function my_user_vote() {

$id = $_REQUEST[‘post_id’];

$loop = new WP_Query( array(‘post_type’ => ‘artistcontent’,’p’=>$id) );

while ( $loop->have_posts() ) : $loop->the_post();







wp_ajax hook is used to perform the action scripts

wp_ajax_prev is nothing the same hook which works for nonlogged in users.





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