How to convert Excel to CSV UTF-8

Suppose you are having an Excel worksheet with some foreign characters (Other than English characters) Chinese names in our case:

An Excel worksheet with foreign characters needs to be converted to CSV UTF-8. So only we can import the CSV file in WordPress

The use of Google Spreadsheet to export an Excel file to CSV seems to be very cool way to do so.

Follow these steps in your Google Drive.

1. On the Google Drive, click the New button and choose File Upload.

2. Choose the Excel file you want to convert to CSV.

3. If you are having smaller size file you can just copy and paste the Excel data in google drive instead of uploading.

4. Open the file you have uploaded.

5. Go to the File menu > Download as, select Comma separated values (CSV, current sheet)

6.Finally, open the CSV file in some text editor to make sure all of the characters are saved correctly.

7. Unfortunately, the CSV files converted in this way do not always correctly display in Excel. But this wont be a problem.

8. While importing this CSV file in wordpress you can see the data (foreign characters) imported perfectly.


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