How To Approach a Task Assigned ?

Hi Everyone,

How to Approach a Task ?

This is the Main thing which every developers , Testers and so on has to keep in mind before starting your task.

How We will able to complete a Task is based on the Requirement Understanding of an individuals,

We need a Best Practice on Approaching a Task.

The Best Practice is nothing than “Task Breakdown or Task Split up”

I will explain about the Task Breakdown in Simple Steps.

Suppose You are getting a Registration Form Task , So we will start working in it and we can complete it but we wont breakdown which things to do first which next. Please find the Task breakdown for this one below,

Registration Task :

Breakdown list :

  • Gather needed fields to be used for this Registration form
  • Do a Html design
  • Validation client side
  • Validation server side
  • Email confirmation
  • Store in DB
  • Thank you page
  • Check User session

So this is how you need to list out the task before start of the work , which make you feel confident where you are in that task and you get a clear estimate and deadline.

Thank you for reading 🙂 




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