How to install ionic

1. Install JDK
2. install Android SDK
3. Install node exe
4. Install Gitbash
5. Use command {Ionic install -g cordova ionic}
6. Start project then {ionic start projectname theme}
7. Before taking Android APK output Follow these steps

7.1 Goto Mycompupter click properties and SET Environmental Variables by addint new
7.2 Go to “C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_45”
7.3 Set Global Path for java {JAVA_HOME}

8. Next steps is to set up environmental variable for Android SDK

8.1 Before setting up these variables these are few more steps

8.1.1 Go to Run command
8.1.2 Type “Appdata” Press Enter
8.1.3 Now a new window opens Click Android “C:\Users\zerosoft\AppData\Local\Android\sdk”
8.1.4 Right Click “SDK Manager” and then Run as Administrator
8.1.5 Now you need to set up the Android Version Which we need to take Built
8.1.6 Chooose Version above 4.4.2 And Click Install

8.2 Now Set up Environmental Variable using Above path “C:\Users\zerosoft\AppData\Local\Android\sdk” and title of “ANDROID_HOME”.


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